[PD] Delay (msec) option in audio properties

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Is this in the Pd Manual somewhere? Could be a good point to add to future questions.

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> Hi Miller,
> Thanks a lot for the explanation.
> Cheers,
> Mario
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>> Rough explanation:  Pd sets up two FIFOs, one for audio input and one for 
>> output, and "delay" sets the length of those FIFOs.  I/O is managed so that 
>> (in theory at least) the sum of the number of sample frames in the input 
>> and the output FIFOs add up to the "delay", plus or minus one 64-saple block. 
>> So theoretically at least, the total delay from audio input to output should 
>> be the sum of three things: this number, the OS's internal audio latency 
>> (which depends on all sorts of factors) and the A/D/A devices. 
>> cheers 
>> Miller 

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