[PD] Pd Gem versions summary

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Sat May 18 10:57:52 CEST 2019

Just a quick question about Gem installable via Deken on OS X.

The "Find externals" search on a 10.6.8 os lists Gem/0.94 with the comment
        "deken-archive for old OSX>10.6 PowerPC/Intel32bit/Intel64bit

Shouldn't that be
        "...old OSX<10.6...."

To what extend does deken filter search results according to
individual os and/or cpu version or architecture?

Then http://puredata.info/downloads/gem/releases/0.94 indicates the
presence of an os x binary of Gem 
        0.94deken-archive for macOS Intel/64bit (macOS10.12+) 

I am obviously confused with the difference in
        32/64bit CPUs
        32/64bit OS
        32/64bit of Pd binaries
and their relation to
        32/64bit external pd libraries. And wonder which version of Pd
AND Gem to install on all versions of OS X upwards from 10.6.

There does not seem to be single location with this information, I
but perhaps I am missing something.

I would like to compile this information in order to say that 

On all(?) versions of Windows on a 64bit CPU I install the 64bit binary of Pd
On all(?) versions of Windows on a 32bit CPU I install the 32bit binary of Pd
Or does it matter if the Windows itself was compiled with 32 or 64 bit?

On OS X 10.6 or later I install the 64bit binary of Pd
On all(?) OS X versions on 32bit CPUs I install the 32bit
but I can/have to install this on 64bit CPUs as well if I want to load
32bit externals, right?

Now if the above is true, which Gem version and architecture would
correspond to the above cases?

Thank you for all insights!

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