[PD] Advice on PD versions for classroom deployment

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat May 25 21:00:31 CEST 2019

On 5/25/19 11:35 AM, Dan Wilcox wrote:
> I'm not sure but, alternatively, there might be a way to invoke deken to install libraries from the command line. If not, this is a feature we should look into adding as it would make this process pretty easy while still preserving the library mechanism instead of dumping things inside of "extra."

`deken find` and `deken install` are already implemented (obviously
requiring the deken cmdline tool, as opposed to the GUI plugin for Pd).

you can even use `deken install -r requirements.txt` to install a couple
of libraries from a single specification file.

however, i'm not entirely sure whether this solution would be the
simplest one for your IT department to implement.

On 5/25/19 11:05 AM, Dan Wilcox wrote:
> If "single folder" is a hard requirement, then Christof's suggestion
> of using (abusing) the extra directory would work, albeit is
> considered bad practice at this point.

i'm not really convinced that this is an *abuse* of the extra/ folder.
"extra/" is the folder where you would put all the externals that "come
with this installation of Pd", which is exactly what the OP was looking for.


> This hides the library mechanisms form the user and almost guarantees
> they will be *fully* dependent upon your custom distribution as
> opposed to providing them a short how-to on using deken and
> encouraging usage of [declare].

i don't see how this is flawed by using extra/.
putting stuff into extra/ will still require you to use [declare] (or
any other mechanism to load the libraries, very much the same as if you
put them into ~/Documents/Pd/extra).

if they are properly declaring dependencies on used libraries (whether
installed to extra/ or ~/Documents/Pd or /tmp/foobar), they don't depend
on your distribution at all (unless of course you are shipping them
custom, non-deken externals; but i guess this is not the case here).

and of course they can still use deken themselves (and have their deken
install directory set to ~/Documents/Pd/ if you insist)


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