[PD] malinette isn't running on Ubuntu studio 18.04

Jérôme Abel abel.jerome at free.fr
Tue May 28 00:51:02 CEST 2019


I don't know if I understand well your feedback.

Malinette-soft includes last Pd.0.49 inside. The script 
"start-malinette-sh" must be launched by a Terminal or simply by Right 
Click > Open With > Other Application ... > Terminal, not with Pd or 

Or it seems that Gem is not loaded correctly. You could download it via 
"Help > Find externals" and replace it in 
"malinette-soft-master/externals/Gem" to see if it is ok.

You could use your own Pure Data of course with the "malinette-ide" 
flavor, but you will need to include all libraries. See 


Jérôme Abel

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