[PD] abstraction saving issue within a parent patch

Benoît Fortier benoitfortier at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 6 19:56:16 CEST 2019

Dear list, I’m wondering if this is a normal behaviour or a bug. See attached patch.

1. Open test1.pd
2. open test2 abstraction within test1.pd
3. change anything in both test2 and test1.pd
4. close and save test1.pd.

When I do this on my mac os maverick, pd 49-1 test1.pd closes and get saved, but I don’t get any window prompting me to save the changes in test2, and all modifications made in test2 are then lost.

Strangely enough, if I don’t make any changes in test1.pd and close it, then pd prompts me if I want to save the changes in test2.

Am I missing something? Sorry if this as been discussed before, I haven’t checked the list in a while.

Benoît Fortier
581 995-5622
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