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William Brent william.brent at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 16:32:08 CEST 2019

Hi all,

I've just finished an update for timbreID, version 0.8.1. It's available
via deken for Linux/Mac/Win, and at https://github.com/wbrent/timbreID. The
examples package is now available via the github README.

Here's a summary of changes below and a quick video of the updated timbre
space example, which has a lot of new features:

Any and all feedback is welcome!


   - new [chroma] and [chroma~] objects for pitch class profile of spectrum
   - new [phaseSpec] and [phaseSpec~] objects for phase spectrum
   - new [tempo~] object for tempo estimation
   - new [featureNorm] and [featureDelta] objects for feature processing
   - new functionality for [featureAccum]
      - running sum of feature input
      - running mean of feature input
      - simple moving average of feature input
   - additional methods for [tabletool] (overlap_add, permute, drip,
   as_set, dump_range, hps, valleys)
   - [timbreID] can now output its database formatted as a FANN training
   file for use with the FANN neural net library
   - new zero-padding feature


   - automation via audio features: gated reverb, multi-band compressor
   - improved vocoder
   - chromagram plotting
   - key estimation
   - audio segmenting based on BFCC deltas
   - significant update to timbre space example
      - uses new "chain_" message functionality to avoid redundant FFTs for
      much faster batch analysis
      - works on all platforms with Pd 0.49 and Gem 0.94
      - keyboard commands for navigation/mouse functions
      - new mouseover functionality to play all grains within mouse radius
      in sequence (according to distance from center) or in random order
      - grain pitch transposition
      - map features to Gem sphere size
      - new "constellation" feature for making sequences of grains
      - a constellation control panel for managing multiple parallel
      sequences, changing sequence playback behavior, level, speed, rhythm

William Brent

“Great minds flock together”
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