[PD] NB/Pd 2020 Worldwide Vision Fest News

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Mon Jul 1 14:35:05 CEST 2019

Today is Day 001 of the

** NB/Pd 2020 Worldwide Vision Festivals**

The world-wide local festivals – beginning today (July1, 2019) and taking
place over this next year and a half until the last day of 2020 –  are the
distributed and living pulse of ** NB/Pd 2020 Vision Fest.**

Local events of the Fest around the world will be supported, instigated
and facilitated by New Blankets – NB will help in financial ways and in
ways far beyond that -- which the worldwide participants themselves will
begin now to devise together.)

We already know the spirit of this 2020 Vision Fest:

    • because we’ve jam-sessioned with New Blankets community workshops
and hacked these revs of the NB approach to community culture – it’s
steady tripod of community + circulation + technology.  We dig the
Suitcase Supercomputer and feel itchy to get hands-on with NB Suitcase
Supercomputer 8 as it is now hatching from protean networks of RPi4 and
open-networked cellphone clusters.

    • Because we’ve contributed as performers and demonstrators and
audience in many Pd Patching Circles in cities around the world

    • Because we know first-hand the indelible life course-change that can
happen with personal connections and exemplary work done together.   --
We’ve seen the PdCon, and it is us. --

Let’s all spend the next 18 months co-contriving 2020 Worlwide VisionFest.
 Let our interwoven skills and common benevolence bring us all together in
a planetary vision. Between now and December 31, 2020. Let’s invent and 
discover and celebrate and amplify our contributions to world peace and to
the arts
– one round-workbench and/or concert at a time, each in their special
corner of the world among friends.

The 2020 Vision Fest is open to everyone, but the fertile core nurturing
it to flower will be those great souls like ~msp who are enriched by their
gifts both outgoing and incoming, expressed in work. We folks are the
global village that is New Blankets and the Puredata Community. We may
have something to contribute to healing a little planet, if we're lucky

How can you join in right now? Why not hit the ground running:

    • Reply ASAP. Let us hear from you if you’re interested to contribute
and/or participate in 2020 Vision Fest. You can design the whole Fest in
your reply by simply answering five little questions:
      Who? What? When? Where? Why?

    • Keep an eye on http://newblankets.org (It needs a lot of work 

    • Tune in to the daily New Blankets benevolent NetCasts Series<
starting today.
    • Check out for inspiration an awesome VisionFest event taking place
right now in fact:

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