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I'm pretty sure that there is only one "special" name that you need for a function and that is the setup entry point for the dynamic library that contains your external/externals, which is named after the file it's in. So, you could rename the setup function for the timbreID class because if your library calls it, it doesn't matter to PD what it is called. Then rename your whole library and it's setup entry point to timbreID, and then you should be able to have [timbreID/timbreID]


On August 2, 2019 6:29:44 AM PDT, William Brent <william.brent at gmail.com> wrote:
>Maybe there's a trick someone can suggest, but I didn't think that was
>possible. There's a timbreID.c source file for the [timbreID] object in
>library, and a timbreIDLib.c source file for building the whole library
>a single binary. That calls the _setup() functions for all the
>objects and also has a timbreIDLib_setup function itself. So making the
>names the same would result in two timbreID_setup() calls that are
>to do two different things. I never looked into ways to work around
>On Thu, Aug 1, 2019 at 4:42 PM Alexandre Torres Porres
><porres at gmail.com>
>> Em qui, 1 de ago de 2019 às 13:27, William Brent
><william.brent at gmail.com>
>> escreveu:
>>> Hi Alex, thanks for taking a look. Yes - the reason I ended up
>>> the single library binary timbreIDLib is that there was already a
>>> [timbreID] object in the library. I just wanted to avoid confusion.
>>> back, I wish I had named that object something else. At this point I
>>> I'd rather live with an awkwardly named library rather than change
>the name
>>> of any individual object within it, but I'm open to suggestions.
>> My suggestion was to change the name of library, not the object. But
>> don't really understand the challenges involved (haven't really
>checked the
>> code structure). Though I think it's feasible. What do you say? Have
>> considered it and thought it wasn't possible or worth it?
>> cheers
>William Brent
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