[PD] font issues - once again ...

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Sep 9 12:45:02 CEST 2019

On 09.09.19 12:06, oliver wrote:
> after a quick test on debian 10 (xfce) i can confirm that ! so there's
> likely something messed up in my ubuntu font management, even though i
> can't really find out what. no exotic dejavu versions found from my
> font-manager. but then (after temporarily deactivating "DejaVu"-fonts)
> PD loads "Courier" which i haven't even installed (according to
> font-manager)

Pd (or rather: tcl/tk) loads font *families* rather than fonts.
you most likely do have a member of the "Courier" family installed on
your system.

> which leads me to another issue i experienced:
> PD seems to behave differently (regarding fonts) when called from a bash
> script with "-noprefs" as opposed to a call from the applications menu.

hmm, i cannot really reproduce on my Debian/bullseye:amd64 with XFce4.

e.g. using the font "D050000L" (from the fonts-urw-base35) package, i
get consistent behaviour no matter if i...
- add "-font-face D050000L" (without quotes) to ~/.pdsettings and
  - start Pd from the cmdline without args: "pd"
  - start Pd from the cmdline with "pd -noprefs -font-face D050000L"
  - start Pd from the Menu
  - start Pd by double-clicking on a Pd-patch
- remove the "-font-face D050000L" from ~/.pdsettings and
  - start Pd from the cmdline with "pd -font-face D050000L"

> the latter doesn't seem to care about the "-font-face" flag in
> .pdsettings. no matter what i put there, always "DejaVu" gets loaded.
> only from a bash script with the "-noprefs" option, i can try out other
> fonts with "-font-face", like "Ubuntu Mono", "FreeMono" etc.)

how do you fill the values into ".pdsettings"? manually, or via tje
"Startup-flags" in the "Preferences->Startup..." menu?

a known issue [579] with pdsettings is, that the "startup-flags" must
not contain quotes and you therefore cannot use font-faces with spaces.
e.g. '-font-face "Ubuntu Mono"' won't work via .pdsettings, although
running 'pd -font-face "Ubuntu Mono"' from the cmdline will work (in
this case the shell (bash,...) will parse the quotes, and Pd will never
even see them).


[579] https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/issues/579

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