[PD] ofelia - video codecs ? ... (windows)

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Wed Sep 18 23:00:51 CEST 2019

hi, list ! hi, zack !

first off: big congrats for ofelia !
this is a great addendum to an already great software !

here's a problem though:

i'm on windows 7/64bit and tested ofelia 0.3.1 on PD 0.50 (64 bit)

image examples and camera-capturing work alright, but i am having no 
luck with the playback of video files. When opening the 
"loadDisplayVideo" example, the PD console says:

ofDirectShowPlayer:  Cannot load video of this file type.  Make sure you 
have codecs installed on your system.  OF recommends the free K-Lite 
Codec pack.

so, i did. it pretty messed up my existing codec setup and even kept 
some programs from showing video files anymore. plus i only managed to 
play back the example movie fingers.mov (which is h264) - unfortunately 
no luck with my most used mjpeg codec videos, that work perfectly well 
with GEM, MAX or VVVV ...

so i had to uninstall k-lite again and revert to ffdshow ...

what i'm most interested in is: what explicit codecs is ofelia supposed 
to play ? or rather: what is the video decoding backend of ofelia ?

mine is as i said ffdshow (or rather VFW with libavcodec), but ofelia 
doesn't seem to support that. any ideas ?

thanks & best


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