[PD] stability of PD on Windows?

Scott R. Looney scottrlooney at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 09:25:38 CEST 2019

hey folks - i've been working with PD using a Windows 10 laptop and i seem
to be having a difficult time keeping the setup stable and getting low
latency audio out.

i have used this Windows 10 laptop for a variety of tasks with VR rigs,
gaming, browsing,etc and it does a credible job, but running PD 0.49 i have
experienced a wide variety of inconsistent behavior.

mainly it's things like USB ports timing out for audio and/or MIDI input,
as well as too much latency for instrument playback (20 ms or so, not
horrific, but not responsive enough for fast playing. ). i've used 3
interfaces - the onboard audio, a C-Media USB compliant dongle interface,
and an Apogee Duet. in all three cases the audio output and MIDI input can
randomly time out and stop working - it's usually both at the same time.
turning audio off and on can fix the issue usually, but not always.

as far as the latency, it seems consistent at about 20 ms using 32 msec
buffer settings. any smaller and it results in buffer distortion on the
audio stream.

so i'm just curious if anyone here uses PD on Windows in a live performance
capacity (especially as an instrument responding to note or pad input) and
if so what setup has produced the most reliability? i have actually tried
this on a Mac - or to be more accurate, a half completed macOS hackbook on
the same machine, and while latency is shorter, the timeout issue is much
more severe and cannot usually be fixed by turning audio off and on. for
now i'm ignoring using macOS and seeing if i can get the Windows version to
be stable, but it would be nice if there were others using it in Windows
and getting stable performance. maybe there's extra tweaks available in
Windows that help the stability? let me know what works for you!

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