[PD] Name of current patcher's file and path

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay tremblap at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 21:28:35 CEST 2019


Thanks for the reply!

> just out of curiosity: why do you need to get the name of a patch ?

I have 20+ objects about to be released (flucoma.org <http://flucoma.org/>) and each is so complex it needs a further explanation beyond the help file, which is a .html file named the same way as the object. I was trying to script an abstraction that would take the file name and look for the same but .html - and therefore not have to add 20 small bit of codes that are exactly similar apart from the potential typo I would make ;)

If that is not possible in vanilla, then I’ll do it manually, as I do not want to impose any dependencies to our users.

> i think that [pdcontrol] has great potential but is still limited at the moment. something like a "name" or "patch" message to do what pierre is looking for should be no problem.

I agree, but I’m so grateful of having it anyway, and able to open html, that I won’t complain ;-)

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