[PD] [hid] (Debian 9.5) - How to find out the device numbers?

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Tue Oct 8 13:44:45 CEST 2019

* Ingo <ingo at miamiwave.com> [2019-10-08 13:34]:
> Does anybody know how to list the Device Numbers without opening the
> console?
> I need to connect a mouse with varying hardware.
> However, "open by device type" does not work.
> "Open by vendor / product ID" does not seem to work either.
> Maybe it's because only the receiver of my wireless mouse shows up or it
> simply doesn't work anyway.
> Connecting with [open 9( works fine but if the number has changed it won't
> open automatically anymore.
> When sending [print( to [hid] I can see the device numbers but only in the
> pd window. It does not appear on any of the two outlets.
Do you get error messages about objects not found when you open the hid
example patch?

Have you tried the [mouse] object or abstraction that is included with

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