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I also recommend using homebrew to install qjackctl. It's *far* better than JackPilot which is probably one reason why JackPilot has not been updated in some time.

As others have pointed out, jack itself works fine on a 64 bit system.

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>> Hello,
>> With Mac OS 10.15 Catalina Jackpilot (32 bit) will not work anymore. As a musician I use it a lot to connect Pd to Mainstage or others.
>> Do you know if Soundflower that seems to be working with Mojave (OS 10.14) will continue with 10.15?
>> Thank you for your answers.
> Jack is supposed to still work under 10.15, it's just the Jackpilot
> program (32 bit) that won't work anymore. You can still run jack
> manually from the command line. You might also try qjackctl instead of
> jackpilot too.

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