[PD] version 0.50 64bit Windows crashing on OSC data

Scott R. Looney scottrlooney at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 06:04:39 CEST 2019

hi folks! first thing i'd like to ask is where the application crash logs
for PD are stored for Windows 10. i'm having an extremely frustrating time
getting PD 0.50 64bit to perform reliably and stably.

the latest crashes are a result of a new preset system i'm using that sends
positions of controls from a Unity created interface via OSC to PD. i
suppose it might be an issue of too many data packets but i don't think i'm
sending it gobs of data (maybe 60-70 controls total). however making the
preset change from my interface makes PD crash. this is in addition to
crashes and freezes that i get generally, especially when i configure MIDI
or audio.

so i figure the first step is to look at the crash logs to see what part of
PD or possibly a external, makes it crash. thanks to advice from others,
esp Lucas, regarding ASIO, i'm getting better low-latency response from the
audio at least, but overall it's still barely alpha stable in a performance
setting. any advice appreciated!

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