[PD] compiling externals for Pure Data windows

pat pagano shreeswifty at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 23:39:12 CEST 2019

Hello Folks

i have been using pd and compiling source for externals myself for a few
years but it was always Linux ans Macintosh but now i have a windows 10
computer and i would like if possible to learn to compile externals for and
with windows 64 bit

Needed 64 bit externals:
Soundhack collection
Eric Lyon's potpourri
FFtease v3
Spencer Russells 's Gendy

to start with and i NEED these to be cross platform for my world domination
Is there a place i may learn to do this?
Would you share what tools you use if you do compile for win64?

All feedback is welcome

Thank you!

*Patrick Pagano  B.S, M.F.A*
*Assistant Professor, *Interactive Media & Education
Audio Projection & Performance Design
Howard Community College
*Columbia, Maryland USA*
*http://shreeswifty.github.io <http://shreeswifty.github.io>*
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