[PD] compiling externals for Pure Data windows

Henri Augusto Bisognini msndohenri at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 22 17:00:41 CEST 2019

You're truly a hero. I found tackling into PD code very difficult, especially for someone not used to C.

INSTALL.txt and msw/README.txt were the shining stars that gave me hope haha

Also src/changelog.txt was particularly helpful.

------------------- original source notes -------------

0.  structure definition roadmap.  First, the containment tree of things
that can be sent messages ("pure data").  (note that t_object and t_text,
and t_graph and t_canvas, should be unified...)

------------ BFFORE 0.35: ---------
m_pd.h     t_pd              anything with a class
          t_gobj          "graphic object"
              t_text       text object
              t_glist      list of graphic objects
g_canvas.c        t_canvas    Pd "document"

------------ AFTER 0.35: ---------
m_pd.h     t_pd              anything with a class
          t_gobj          "graphic object"
              t_text       patchable object, AKA t_object
g_canvas.h           t_glist     list of graphic objects, AKA t_canvas

... and other structures:
g_canvas.h  t_selection -- linked list of gobjs
         t_editor -- editor state, allocated for visible glists
m_imp.h     t_methodentry -- method handler
         t_widgetbehavior -- class-dependent editing behavior for gobjs
         t_parentwidgetbehavior -- objects' behavior on parent window
         t_class -- method definitions, instance size, flags, etc.

Like when you're getting into PD source you come with the "pd end-user/programmer terminology". Okay, let's find a struct that describes a "patch". Then you look for it and don't find a t_patch or something. Only later you finally realize what you're looking for is a "glist" which is also aliased with "t_canvas".

Then there is stuff like "t_object" and "t_text" and also "t_rtext" and  "t_gobj" hahah

That little description on CHANGELOG.txt was not meant to be a introduction to those structures - that was kind of an accident.
Maybe we could have a file giving a brief introduction on how PD works. Maybe we could open a git repo like the externals-howto<https://github.com/pure-data/externals-howto>.
I imagine that over time it would increase collaborations on the PD source 🙂


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If more people are able to build Pd, then the time I've spent updating the INSTALL.txt file was worth it. If it's easier to build, then it's easier to jump into testing, maintenance, and development. :)

This also reminds me to change the guide to reflect the fact that Pd's 64 bit Windows build is no longer experimental.

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Those readmes made everything go really smoothly! Huge thanks for making those available!

Dan Wilcox

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