[PD] Using PD and Patreon

Agustín Riolfo agustinriolfo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 20:43:03 CET 2019

Hello, and thanks for your time.

My name is Agustin Riolfo and I am developing a music software to make
guitar effects. I found that your software is suitable for my application.

I won´t sell the software but I would like to have a Patreon account so
that if some fans would like to, can contribute with me.

The question is, being that the software would not be sold and that would
only be donations, is there any problem on having a Patreon account?
Moreover, if I use blocks like [expr] or [expr~] that use a GPL licence (as
far as I know), would donations through Patreon be a problem??

Thanks in advance
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