[PD] Raspberry Pi: Loading Samples RAM problem

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Tue Nov 5 15:40:08 CET 2019

Jakob Laue wrote:
> Okay,
> finally I found some time to try some stuff out. First, I gave Olivers 
> examples a try.
> I made a patch with eight [ol_sfplay~] objects to simulate my sample 
> player and tested this patch on my old Raspi 2
> and also a Raspi 3. I also tested two different audio interfaces: a 
> Scarlett 2i4 USB audio interface and a HDMI-to-CINCH-Converter running 
> on the 2835 ALSA driver.
> The best result was achieved by the Raspberry Pi 3 with the Scarlett 
> audio interface. I used
> - block length of 64 from Pd's preferences
> - buffersize of 512 and 1024 for [ol_sfplay~]
> I have no pops and Pd does not freeze.
> When I use the same configurations with the hdmi-to-cinch-converter and 
> alsa, I get audio pops.

please also consider using even 2048 as buffersize for [ol_sfplay~]. AND 
you might want to increase PD's audio delay with the "-audiobuf" startup 

try "-audiobuf 120" or higher and work your way down from there.

i remember using this method on a PI2 with an 8 track wav-file and 
really had to increase those values to get a smooth playback.

it worked alright in the end but then i had no video-traffic ...

in general, use a PI3 if possible



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