[PD] What's the easiest way to cut various symbols to a fixed length?

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Wed Nov 13 11:09:17 CET 2019

Thanks, Dan and Oliver!

I have no problem using externals.
I have finished up the code already and it's working - so topic done!


> I have vanilla implementations of s2l and l2s, if needed: 
> https://github.com/danomatika/rc-patches
> File paths with spaces work fine as long as you merge them into a single 
> symbol. I simply use l2s for this.

> Ingo wrote:
> > First of all thank you, Winfried and Tim!
> >
> > I ended up picking Tim's version with [list fromsymbol], [list split]
> > and [list tosymbol] because it needs less objects.
> > Works perfectly!
> >
> > However, I had to add a [iemlib/mergefilename _] to eliminate blank
> > spaces in some names.
> > In order to change the names to work with [mergefilename] and [ list
> > fromsymbol] I had to convert a few times with [s2l] and [l2s].
> > The underscores are converted to spaces again right before going to
> > the LCD display.
> it can all be done with vanilla objects, just needs a little patching.
> here's an abstraction of mine that i use a lot, which takes care of all the 
> stuff
> you need. helpfile is included
> best
> oliver

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