[PD] What's the easiest way to cut various symbols to a fixed length?

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Wed Nov 13 12:12:41 CET 2019

This looks like a nice and compact way. I'll have to compare this to my other 

I'm reading out the connected MIDI interfaces upon connection by monitoring 
the /dev/ folder with [hcs/folder_list] every couple seconds.
Whenever a new midi device gets connected I use a [shell] with [aconnect -i( 
to read out the names and IDs and send them with the midi input number of Pd 
to an lcd display while connecting it to the Pd MIDI inputs.
So whenever I connect a midi device I know where it comes in.

In the next step I will make every of the 4 MIDI Ins in Pd that I'm using 
assignable to a specific midi controller in order to have them always the same 
each time I start up or change a MIDI controller. Some controllers need 
different handling than others.

Unfortunately every manufacturer uses different ways for naming - with or 
without spaces and/or extra infos.
So I'm reading the first two elements of the name.
Then I cut off the first character ' and split the name before the second ' 
which is where the name ends and additional descriptions may start.
Since I have currently 11 characters available for displaying I need to 
extract the full name (possibly with spaces in between) as one symbol and cut 
it off before it wraps around to the next dislay line.


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> On 13.11.19 09:36, Ingo wrote:
> > First of all thank you, Winfried and Tim!
> >
> > I ended up picking Tim's version with [list fromsymbol], [list split]
> > and [list tosymbol] because it needs less objects.
> > Works perfectly!
> i'm late to the party, but my 4-object solution would be:
> |
> [t b s]
> |     |
> |     [list fromsymbol]
> | +---+
> |/
> [repack 10] (zexy)
> |
> [list tosymbol]
> |
> >
> > However, I had to add a [iemlib/mergefilename _] to eliminate blank
> > spaces in some names.
> > In order to change the names to work with [mergefilename] and [ list
> > fromsymbol] I had to convert a few times with [s2l] and [l2s].
> > The underscores are converted to spaces again right before going to
> > the LCD display.
> >
> what are you trying to achieve? remove leading whitespace from lines? or
> soemthing else?
> fgmasdr
> IOhannes

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