[PD] Lyon Potpourri for windows 64 bit

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Nov 17 15:01:55 CET 2019

On 11/16/19 9:59 AM, Christof Ressi wrote:
>> you are hopefully aware that upstresm refuses to support any 64bit OS before pd's number type is not double.
> I don't think this is not true anymore: https://github.com/ericlyon/lyonpotpourri3.0 I haven't tested it, though.
> I think it's fftease which hasn't been fixed for 64-bit Pd (yet).

ah well, guilty as charged.
i indeed mixed up fftease with lyonpotpourri, and did not do any checks
whether the latter actually *is* broken on 64bit systems.

luckily for me (from a mr.knowitall perspectice) but in reality
not-so-luckily the current git 'master' is still broken on 64bit
platforms for at least one object: [vdp~]


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