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IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Nov 21 14:16:50 CET 2019

On 21.11.19 12:05, iftah gabbai wrote:
> if by flyspeck you mean " ` " its
> formatting errors that are there because i had no easy way of
> exporting the print out of pd to a "real" machine

that should be easy enough:
$ pd -stderr .... 2>pd.log
copy the "pd.log" to your "real" machine. tada.

or, if running with a GUI, you could also just go the the Pd-console
window and hit <Ctrl>+<Shift>+<S> (aka "Save as...") to save the
contents of the Pd-console as a txt-file.

On 21.11.19 12:05, iftah gabbai wrote:
> is me doing: pd -nogui (various alsa tags to get sound going) -path
> /usr/lib/pd/extra/cyclone /etc/mydir/mypatch.pd &

for what it is worth, you should switch to using [declare -path cyclone]
in your patch anyhow.

> also worth mentioning, not sure what happend but i dont get the ELF
> error anymore, instead im getting :
> "svf~
> error: ... couldn't create
> error: load_object: symbol "svf_tilde_setup" not found"

my bet is a filesystem corruption.
e.g. the "svf~.pd_linux" is not resolved correctly, and points to this
or that data chunk.
if the datachunk happens to be an ELF-object (but not the real binary
for [svf~]), then you would get the "svf_tilde_setup" not found error.
if the datachunk is not an ELF object (e.g. a wav-file), then you would
get something like the former error.

> interestingly, pd is also not able to locate pd~ with the following error:
> "pd~: canĀ“t stat /usr/lib/pd/pd",

this looks a bit like a broken Pd-installation.
iirc, the "pd" binary should be both in /usr/bin/pd (so you can start it
with "pd") and /usr/lib/pd/bin/pd (so pd~ can find it).

but of course, if your filesystem is corrupt, all kind of weird things
can happen.


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