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José Rafael Subía Valdez jsubiavaldez at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 22:22:57 CET 2019

Dear List

I would usually post this message on the facebook group because I don't
think this is worthy, but I have been off social media for a while and
enjoying it, so I hope not to annoy anyone with this email. I have
redesigned my preset patching system so it works completely "out of the
box" with pd vanilla. I am building more documentation and little "GIff"
step tutorials so the github is still in the making. However, decided to
share it and get some feedback or maybe someone interested in using it.

basically it is a little "lib" of abstractions that wrap around pd
vanilla's GUIs and  a "msc" one to use it with not vanilla GUI's.



José Rafael Subía Valdez
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