[PD] tips for loading a long video with GEM

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Mon Nov 25 12:48:56 CET 2019

enrike wrote:
> hi all
> We tried to open a whole movie with GEM but PD really struggled. The 
> frame maximum rate we achieved was very unstable and around 1 / 0.5 fps. 
> The file was an mp4 with H264 compression and it was around 1.1G if I 
> remember well.

i alwayas had the best results with one of the following codecs, also 
with long files and up to 720p:





i have to add that this was with GEM 0.93 and PD 0.48 (32bits) on 
Windows and OSX, and i got a fluid framerate of up to 30fps. Gem was 
loaded in a seperate PD-process without the audio engine running.

i had no luck loading videos or images with the latest GEM (0.94 64bits) 
on windows.



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