[PD] pd for oscilloscopes

henry birdseye henry.birdseye at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 16:27:34 CET 2019

I'll look into JACK. Does it still not work on 64-bit? So few of the 
sites I've cruised have included the date, so I'm sure sure how far back 
ancient these links go.

On 11/29/2019 8:49 AM, Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:
> Hi,
> On 29/11/2019 12:56, henry birdseye wrote:
>> what's a good vector oscilloscope app that I can somehow route those 
>> dac~ objects to
> You can use JACK Audio Connection Kit to route audio signals betweeen 
> apps.
> I wrote a very simple XY oscilloscope using JACK and OpenGL:
> https://mathr.co.uk/exwhyscope
> (note: Fridays are strike days)
> I only tested it on Linux, may need some adjustments for other OS.
>> I'd like to get my audio output into my DAW, Reaper, for recording as 
>> .wav files
> You can either investigate if Reaper supports JACK, or use [writesf~] 
> to write WAV files from Pd.
> Claude

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