[PD] Somewhat nice circles using data structures with anti-aliasing implementing Xiaolin Wu circle algorithm (vanilla)

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 05:21:05 CET 2019

I guess if the goal is to design GUI objects, I should pretty much just
learn how to properly code them with tcl/tk... it's the ideal situation
anyway and I'm just sweating a lot to design things that will never be as
good as having a proper GUI.

As far as drawing circles for Data Structures, I don't see why it'd be too

But anyway, having circles is definitely cool and may allow us to design
many interesting things. But for my purposes (designing a circular slider
or a simple knob), I just realised there's a simple hacky trick, which is
just having a dummy bang object in the background for a circular shape.
It's lighter and even looks better.

The only thingy is that you can't change the color of the circle line. So
you can't do something like having a full background color of black and
draw the circle line in white. But... if you work with only the background
color of the circle and ignore the background of the out of bounds, then
it's not a real issue.

So I'm now thinking of doing that instead of this trick in order to make
things lighter, and then I can also design a grid of several knobs together
to implement a matrix grid.


Em dom., 1 de dez. de 2019 às 20:29, Alexandre Torres Porres <
porres at gmail.com> escreveu:

> I didn't implement a [knob], it's a two dimensional slider but the
> boundaries are a circle, anyway, still working on it.
> I feel like implementing knob also and it'd be cool if I could implement a
> grid of knobs to control a routing matrix, but then I think it'd be way too
> heavy and impractical, so the best option would be to just have a way to
> draw circles in Data Structures with a dedicated object.
> I see Purr Data has a [draw] object that draws circles and stuff, but it's
> a whole different GUI language that we can't use, but we could use one for
> vanilla.
> It's out of my league, but I hope someone else could propose the inclusion
> of such object.
> cheers
> Em dom., 1 de dez. de 2019 às 12:55, oliver <oliver at klingt.org> escreveu:
>> Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
>> > Thanks very much for this, just used it to make a two dimensional
>> > circular slider!
>> did you include an extra dot for position reference in this ? would you
>> mind posting your knob ?
>> and yes: this is actually a very nice and beautiful circle rendering.
>> but i also share alex' concern that it might be too "heavy" on PD's
>> memory or the GUI if several of these knobs are present in a patch.
>> can somebody give a brief prediction whether this is a practicable
>> approach in a patch with let's say 50 knobs like this ?
>> best
>> oliver
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