[PD] Somewhat nice circles using data structures with anti-aliasing implementing Xiaolin Wu circle algorithm (vanilla)

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Mon Dec 2 08:59:24 CET 2019

Em seg., 2 de dez. de 2019 às 01:21, Alexandre Torres Porres <
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> I guess if the goal is to design GUI objects, I should pretty much just
> learn how to properly code them with tcl/tk... it's the ideal situation
> anyway and I'm just sweating a lot to design things that will never be as
> good as having a proper GUI.
> As far as drawing circles for Data Structures, I don't see why it'd be too
> hard.
> But anyway, having circles is definitely cool and may allow us to design
> many interesting things. But for my purposes (designing a circular slider
> or a simple knob), I just realised there's a simple hacky trick, which is
> just having a dummy bang object in the background for a circular shape.
> It's lighter and even looks better.
> The only thingy is that you can't change the color of the circle line. So
> you can't do something like having a full background color of black and
> draw the circle line in white. But... if you work with only the background
> color of the circle and ignore the background of the out of bounds, then
> it's not a real issue.

coming to think of it, nothing stops it from having a different color for
the out of bounds (other than white) - which can also be good
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