[PD] pd for oscilloscopes again

henry birdseye henry.birdseye at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 16:50:08 CET 2019

N00b problems...

Following up on my previous thread, my first goal was to get dac~ from 
pd-0.50-2 into my DAW, Reaper, which is easy to do using ReaRoute.

There are several versions of PureData out there, and I'm stuck on a 
couple bits.

The master of oscilloscope music, Jerobeam Fenderson, suggests 
pd-extended, which I later learned is out of date, so I'm using 
pd-0.50-2, and some things won't work.

GEM is one of them. I'd like see my results better. I cannot make a 
gemwin to save my life.

One of the .pd's I'd like to use makes use of the triangle~ object, but 
I get a "can't create" message in the console. Is there a library of 
objects I can use instead?

I made a very simple .pd, and no sound comes out.

What am I missing?

More q's will surely follow and I thank you for your help.


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