[PD] store a symbol and send on bang

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 03:01:07 CET 2019

How about [value -s] instead? :)

I just whipped up a [value] update which changes the backing value storage to use a t_atom and allows setting the value type based on a flag: -s makes a symbol value, otherwise a float value. There are some checks against type mismatches between the same name.

This allows for sending & receiving symbols via [value -s] or [v -s] objects. Existing [value] and [v] objects are float types.

The only issue I can see, other than a little more memory usage and type checking, would be possibly breaking patches which use "-s" as a value name. In this case, sending a float to the inlet is silently ignored and a default "symbol" symbol would be output on a bang which would cause a trackable error.

I can put up a PR soon when I clean up this change a bit. In the meantime, macOS people can try out a test build: Pd-0.50.2-value-symbol.zip <http://docs.danomatika.com/pdbuilds/0.51/Pd-0.50.2-value-symbol.zip>

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>> This would just complicate the interface. Just use [symbol] + [send] and you're done.
> +1
> also, [symbol -s] would make it quite complicated to create a symbol "-s"...
> mfg.hft.fsl
> IOhannes

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