[PD] audio via HDMI output terminates Pd

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Dec 16 00:06:12 CET 2019

Am 15. Dezember 2019 21:23:35 MEZ schrieb "Csaba Láng" <langcsaba at gmail.com>:
>Still fighting.
>Installed jackd, connected pulseaudio to Jack, but still nothing.
>This is how it looks like:
>[image: Screenshot from 2019-12-15 21-21-33.png]
>Do I have to install PD from scratch if Jack was not present during the
>last installation?

i dont know how you obtained Pd.
if using the system packages (via apt), they'll have jack support built in.
if you compiled Pd yourself, you would have needed to add "--enable-jack" to the configure flags (and have the jack-dev package installed)

finally, you must of course select Jack AS the audio  backend...


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