[PD] "good" phasor~ in B16.long-varispeed.pd not looping?

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Fri Jan 3 22:50:22 CET 2020

Hi list,

I am trying to understand the B16.long-varispeed.pd patch that measures
a [phasor~]'s phase to calculate an onset which is to be sent into the
right inlet of a [tabread4~]. The patch shows a good example and a bad
one. Interestingly the [phasor~] in the bad one does produce looping
playback, while the onset value in the "good" example keeps increasing
beyond the end of the table. Perhaps this different behavior is intended?

I am currently trying to adapt an abstraction of mine, which uses
[line~] to read a table from a certain start position to an end position
(also backwards) to use the method from the above example. Seems to be
quite a riddle...


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