[PD] "good" phasor~ in B16.long-varispeed.pd not looping?

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Sat Jan 4 18:54:34 CET 2020

* William Huston <williamahuston at gmail.com> [2020-01-04 16:21]:
> I would really love it if someone could provide a sample patch
> demonstrating how to load a long audio file, and be able to scrub
> through it using onset.
> I am utterly baffled by B16.long-varispeed.pd
> Something as simple as Rafael Hernandez' patch here:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boX0v54SqtU
I am afraid I don't have time to watch an internet video, what does this
patch do? Does it use externals? In what term is it different to
> Would be nice if this could be done with perfect backward
> compatibility with existing externals.
It does not make much sense to provide backward compatibility with
externals imho. A solution should be possible using internal objects,
and if such a thing existed, it would make sense to give it a new name
(such as tabread4long~ or whatever).

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