[PD] deken external in database / objectlist file

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 16:02:52 CET 2020

Hi list,

I noticed that deken can search for individual objects. But, when I 
search for an object of my jmmmp library, I can't find them. What am I 
doing wrong?

I had a look at 
but when browsing the libraries where objects can be searched (Gem, 
maxlib, cyclone, ...) I didn't see any example of a objectlist file on 
how to build on. Since I'm on windows and there are no deken tools 
available, I upload my library through puredata.info - so, any object 
list would have to be in the package.

I guess the main question might be: my package already has a README.txt 
with a list of objects, but not exactly formatted as described in 
github. Is it enough to format the list on that file using the 
"object-name at the beginning, followed by a TAB (|\t|) and a short 
(single-line) description of the object" format, or do I need to add a 
jmmmp.txt file with said list?

If the latter, how exactly must be the content of the file, can some 
comments be there, or it must be the list only? Does anyone know of a 
concrete example, without me having to look through all libraries to 
find one?



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