[PD] deken external in database / objectlist file

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jan 7 14:59:09 CET 2020

On 1/5/20 11:28 PM, João Pais wrote:
> where is it? I downloaded the zip file, used the "find file" button, and
> searched the page, but deken.exe didn't come up.

On https://github.com/pure-data/deken/tree/master/developer#windows is read:
> If you don't want to install Python3, bash (MSYS),... on your Windows
> machine, you can also download self-contained binaries from our
> Continuous Integration setup:
>   Windows 32bit
>   Windows 64bit
> These builds are snaphots of the latest development branch of deken.
> If they don't work for you, you might want to check the releases page
> for downloads that have been tested by humans.

the links in this paragraph take me to the exe files.
the "releases" page on github also has windows binaries.

the windows binaries for the cmdline tool are not included in "deken"
package available via deken, as the cmdline tools are targetted at
developers (who want to upload their own packages) whereas the "Find
externals..." button is targetted at users (who want to download other
people's packages).

> Does that mean that a database entry can only be made using the deken
> command line?

no. but it is the simplest way.
i strongly suggest to use it.

having said that: you can also manually upload an objectlist-file, as
described on the page you linked to.

i don't know why you think you can add the information into
`README.txt`, the documentation says that the file must have the same
name as the .dek-file with a .txt appended. so if your deken-package is
called "frobnozzel(Windows-i386-32)(Sources).dek", then the objectlist
file must be called "frobnozzel(Windows-i386-32)(Sources).dek.txt".

the file format is described as:
> The objectlist file has one line per object, with the object-name at
> the beginning, followed by a TAB (\t) and a short (single-line)
> description of the object.

this format doesn't allow for any additional data (e.g. the one you
would like to put into a README.txt).

the part that is missing from the docs is, that this file must be
uploaded besides the .dek file. so the objectlist-file is is *not* part
for the .dek file, but can be downloaded separately.
(so there's also little use in downloading deken packages and searching
their contents for the objectlist)

i hope this helps,


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