[PD] Pd workshop and patching circle

kerry l. hagan klhagan at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 13:36:57 CET 2020

Hello anyone within travel distance of Doolin, Ireland:

As part of the Music Minds weekend, I’m offering a workshop for complete beginners to Pd. So, for most people on this list, that may not be interesting. However, afterward, there will be a patching circle in the cafe.

Music Minds Festival webpage (with ticket/travel/accommodation information): http://musicmindsfestival.ie/ <http://musicmindsfestival.ie/>
Saturday, Jan 18:
16:00-17:00 Workshop
19:30-20:30 (but actually, as late as you want to go) Patching circle

Also, check out some of the other things. This festival is a bit of an eclectic mix of Irish musicians, producers, etc. There may be something of interest.

Le meas,


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