[PD] Any problems else/blocksize changing subpatch blocking during dsp?

Charles Z Henry czhenry at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 10:03:34 CET 2020

> And vice versa (the interesting case): if blocksize~ has a signal
> outlet connected to some sub-patch inlet, then it's possible to set
> the sub-patch block~/switch~ parameters during the graph generation,
> right before they are to be used.
> But.... I still have questions.  Will the block~ "set" method trigger
> the dsp graph to be rebuilt, at some point when it's already trying to
> build the graph?  What would happen if it did?

This seems like not a problem either.
What happens (I predict based on reading) is the current graph gets
freed (incomplete as it is), when a sub-patch block/switch object runs
its "set" method.  It runs "canvas_suspend_dsp" and then

Again not a bug report....
The code was not at all broken with respect to "set" methods.  Both
orders of sub-patch canvas "dsp" vs blocksize~ "dsp" produce the same
result, based on further reading.  It's slightly unsettling to output
blocksize during "dsp" with the intention of setting subpatch size,
but it seems to be efficient and fine to do

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