[PD] clone vs. dynamic patching

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 11:35:17 CET 2020

> > one feature badly missing is the possibility ta allocate dynamic "voice"
> > (or "instance") numbers (i.e. how many instances of an abstraction are
> > created).
> That would be useful and it's actually on my to-do-list :-). But usually I
> just allocate the max. number of instances I need and simply "disable"
> instances I don't need. I think this is generally the better approach for
> cloned DSP objects (using [switch~], because dynamically changing the
> number of voices wouldn't be realtime safe anyway...

that is usually enough, but in some cases there is no limit, and it has to
be tried out what the best results are - not necessarily in realtime. For
now I'm doing that by calling clone dynamically in a dedicated subpatch.
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