[PD] RPi 3B+ and PD-L2Ork

Paddy Burke paddyburke100 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 01:14:02 CET 2020


I am trying to install PD-L2Ork on the Rpi 3B+. I have tried
numerous images and numerous PD L2Ork download methods with no success. The
PDPI disk image on the PD-L2Ork website will not boot for me. I mostly get
unmet dependencies errors from .deb packages, both downloaded and compiled.
If I run *sudo apt-get -f install *to fix any dependencie errors it prompts
me to uninstall PD-L2Ork. I have tried so many things I think trying to
troubleshoot each method would be very laborious. Does anyone know of a
working method to get PD-L2Ork woking on the Rpi 3B+.

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