[PD] compiling hidio for Windows

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 13:04:44 CET 2020

There is also my own HID -> OSC daemon, joyosc: https://github.com/danomatika/joyosc <https://github.com/danomatika/joyosc>

Since it's sending OSC, you can stream from one computer to another, regardless of OS, so it's useful for rapid prototyping.

I haven't personally built it on Windows, but it should work fine with MinGW and the SDL2 development libs as it uses an auto tools build system.

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> Dear list,
> I need to use external controllers via USB with vanilla (say, a PS4
> controller), and I have not found a compiled version of [hidio] for
> Windows. Please, let me know if there are ready-made options out there
> (feel free to change subject line if that thread goes wild).
> In the meantime, I am trying to compile [hidio] for Windows. I'm on Windows
> 10.0.18362, x64-based PC. I am using a MSYS terminal with MINGw64. I took
> the latest code from Benitoite's repository (
> https://github.com/Benitoite/hidio <https://github.com/Benitoite/hidio>) and I am stuck with "undefined
> reference"s all over. I attach here the console log.
> I would very much welcome any idea on how to approach this so I can use
> vanilla with my students :)
> Best,

Dan Wilcox
@danomatika <http://twitter.com/danomatika>
danomatika.com <http://danomatika.com/>
robotcowboy.com <http://robotcowboy.com/>

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