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Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 01:17:06 CET 2020

Maybe it would be helpful to display some text suggesting checking apt-get / the system package manager first when a user opens deken on a Debian system (or maybe Linux in general).

> On 2/2/20 9:28 PM, Maurin Donneaud wrote:
>> Dear IOhannes,
>> The issue is :
>> The only Gem package I can find with Deken is
>> :Gem-v0.0.extended-(Linux-i386-32)(Linux-amd64-64)-externals.tar.gz
>> <http://puredata.info/Members/chr15m/software/v0-0extended/Gem/Gem-v0.0.extended-%28Linux-i386-32%29%28Linux-amd64-64%29-externals.tar.gz/view <http://puredata.info/Members/chr15m/software/v0-0extended/Gem/Gem-v0.0.extended-%28Linux-i386-32%29%28Linux-amd64-64%29-externals.tar.gz/view>>
>> Coould it be possible to get the last version of Gen (94-1) with Deken ?
> why would you?
> since you are on a Debian based distribution, you already have *apt*,
> which is a far better and more mature package manager than deken.
> (on other distributions, you have other package managers; *all* of them
> are better than deken)
> anyhow, install the "pd-deken-apt" package (via `apt`), and you can see
> (and install) Debian's pd-packages via apt.
> (it lacks the object-search though)

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