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Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 14:18:27 CET 2020

On Mon, 2020-02-03 at 13:53 +0100, Jérôme Abel wrote:
> I think a part of my question (How to share Pd.0.50 and Gem 0.94 on 
> Linux ?) was quite the same.
> I understand that the suggestion is to use "apt" instead of deken on 
> Linux. Just for Gem ? The other libraries seem to work fine with
> deken.

Deken is good at being simple and at working the same way on many
platforms. Many externals that are available through Deken do not have
dependencies outside of Pd and those are very easy to package and to
distribute. Gem, on the other hand, has many dependencies and it
wouldn't be feasible to ship Gem through deken, unless you ship all
dependencies with it (which would mean huge packages).

> On my Xubuntu machine, "apt" shows older versions of Pure Data 
> (0.48.1-3) and Gem (0.93.3-13), even if I install pd-deken-apt.

Handling setups with complex dependencies is much harder and requires a
lot of work. Thus, distributions like Ubuntu or Debian are not released
that often. Thus, externals you find in apt are usually not as fresh as
Deken releases. On the other hand, install something like Gem with apt
is trivial and reliable.

I just checked on https://packages.ubuntu.com and there is even
puredata 0.50.2 and gem 0.94-1 in the not yet released Ubuntu Focal.

It seems your Xubuntu is 18.04, judging from the versions you

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