[PD] vbap / deken / ggee

Jesse Mejia jmejia at anestheticaudio.com
Mon Feb 3 22:28:59 CET 2020

I recall a vbap library existing awhile back on deken that included a define_loudspeakers object. The only object I see on deken currently for vbap is the implementation in ggee and i’m wondering if the define_loudspeakers functionality is built in or just missing? The helpfile shows a functioning vbap example but with no loudspeaker definition. I’m also not sure what the object defaults to if nothing is explicitly defined.

Does anyone know how this works? If it’s just a matter of documentation i can jump on the ggee github and help out, but I know there are some more complete looking vbap binaries out there.. but I’m having trouble finding them precompiled cross platform. Not sure what the best route is, and as a teacher I’d love to clarify the path to getting vbap up and running more broadly.



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