[PD] [PD-announce] ELSE 1.0 beta 27 and Live Electronics Tutorial 1.0 beta 17

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 22:27:28 CET 2020

ELSE 1.0 Beta 27 is out! Numerous bug fixes in this one, so it seems I'm
now concentrating on fixing things rather than creating a bunch of new
objects. This means I might be getting quite close on moving to a phase of
"release candidate". By the way, I was waiting for Pd 0.51 to come out so I
could use some of the new stuff (namely the new powers of inlet~), but
it'll have to wait as development has been paused since xmas (hope it picks
up again soon)! A heads up is that this will promote many breaking changes
in several objects.

The highlight of this release is the many new features and redesign I made
to [else/pic], which I'm very proud now. A main fix is getting [keyboard]
to work again and another nice thing to mention is that I've implemented
zoom features for some of the GUI objects. See Changelog in the release
notes for more details => <

Wait a little until all binaries are available and up in Deken! I'm still
waiting for a friend to send me raspberry pi binaries.

The Live Electronics Tutorial has also been updated, see release notes for
more info:

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