[PD] Automatically add deken packages to path ?

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 16:37:24 CET 2020

The idea with [declare] is similar to Python "import".

We have moved away from Pd-extended's "just load everything into the same name space" approach towards a more explicit declaration for paths and libs. This requires an extra step but it also *helps* make patches more portable in that it is much clearer to see what libraries the original author specifies as opposed to "oh I guess it worked in Pd-extedend but I have no idea what externals those objects come from."

> Hi,
> yes, it fixes the problem. 
> I haven't used Pd heavily in recent times,
> and wasn't aware of the [declare] thing (and I guess my general expectation
> was that something installed by a package manager is available right away
> without any further interaction).
> But now, if someone asks me why stuff installed with deken isn't available
> I at least know the answer :)
> Best,
> Niklas

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