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Wed Feb 19 15:00:23 CET 2020

 > I honestly get lost in most of the internal messages and forget which 
ones are "public" and which aren't.

To be fair, "pd-dsp-started" / "pd-dsp-stopped" are not mentioned in the 
change log. I also discovered them by accident (probably from reading 
the [samplerate~] help patch).

It would be cool if there was a central place where all (public) Pd and 
canvas messages are documented. The canvas messages are especially messy 
because they are currently split across several help patches and 


On 19.02.2020 13:30, Dan Wilcox wrote:
> Hah, then I'm wrong. If it's documented, it's canon! I honestly get 
> lost in most of the internal messages and forget which ones are 
> "public" and which aren't.
> No, the regression isn't much different, it's more that things such as 
> "dynamic patching" were never really intended form the start and 
> became canon, to some extent.
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>> * Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com <mailto:danomatika at gmail.com>> 
>> [2020-02-19 10:38]:
>>> I would also point out that internal messages such as pd-dsp-started 
>>> don't really come with an expected behavior for user patches. Saying 
>>> how it works is a "bug" belies that fact that I don't believe it was 
>>> ever intended to be used for this and just because it can be grabbed 
>>> via a [r] also doesn't guarantee anything.
>> The method you point out is shown in the help patch of [samplerate~]
>> without any reference that it should be considered a bug or temporary
>> measure.
>>> This is also why it's so hard to change almost *any* behavior within 
>>> Pd as you can never really be 100% certain you aren't breaking 
>>> someone's end use case.
>> Do you feel this regression condition is much different in other 
>> software?
>> best, P
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