[PD] Throttling midi message rates

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Thanks Dan. I'll run some more tests and try out Ingo's suggestion.

On Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 3:29 AM Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:

> PD tries to handle MIDI as fast as it gets it, hence Miller's warning.
> First, does Pd lock up on the RPI *without* your patch running? If so,
> then Pd itself is clogged up by all the messaging on the RPI. If it's your
> patch, then your message handling can/should be optimized ala Ingo's
> suggestion. Do you have any GUI objects in the message chain? If so, the
> fast messaging will also be causing GUI updates which may be slow on the
> RPI. Another way to check this is to run Pd with -nogui and see if it works
> without hanging.
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> Hi,
> I have an FCB 1010 MIDI foot pedal controller with 10 switches and two
> pedals. One of the foot pedals is used to control glissando rate. More
> specifically, it is hooked up to a vline~ object in pd. (I originally used
> a line.)
> If I change the pedal position too quickly, it locks up PD, and I have to
> kill and restart the software. I have not encountered this before, but I
> remember Miller saying something about "bad things happen" if the MIDI
> input rate is too high in one of his MS171 lectures.
> I do not have access to the firmware code on the foot pedal board, so I'm
> hoping there is a way to throttle MIDI data rates in PD. I am running on a
> raspberry pi 3 (buster) in a Zynthian kit.
> Any pointers appreciated.
> Thanks!
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