[PD] data structures and z-order (feature request)

Jean-Yves Gratius jyg at gumo.fr
Tue Feb 25 19:11:32 CET 2020

 From previous old discussion ( 
https://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-list/2006-04/037622.html )
I understood that datastructure z-orderdrawing depends of creation 
order, but when you programmatically create a new scalar (with [traverse 
... , bang(  -> [pointer] ->  [append struct_name]), it's placed on the 
top of the list of scalars, although it's drawn at last. A refreshing of 
the window restablishes the correct drawing order.

Would it be possible to get a new pointer at the end of the list (and 
not at the top) ?



> On Sat, 22 Apr 2006, Federico wrote:
> >/i'm seeing there is no z-order tracking in data-structures (i.e.: a 
> repaint />/event, or a mouse action, can bring an object to the top). />/is this true? /
> DS scalars are stored as linked-lists in the same way as objectboxes,
> so you might reorder them the way objectboxes may be reordered
> (Cut and then Paste once will bring the selection to the top).
> DS arrays are stored like float arrays, so I suppose you can reorder them
> like you might reorder elements in a float array (that is, painfully...)
> (maybe that there's a lib to help you do it with float arrays, but with DS
> arrays, I doubt it)

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