[PD] drag and drop tcl plug in not working in Fedora

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Feb 26 17:17:02 CET 2020

On 2/26/20 3:56 PM, José Rafael Subía Valdez wrote:
> Thanks IOhannes,
> I have started PD with -verbose  "4 all" there are no messages regarding

that's not what i meant, as this is not a valid cmdline (it enables
verbose mode and attempts to load a file "4 all" (which most likely does
not exist).

what i meant is, start Pd with "-verbose", and then  -in the Pd-console-
set the "Log-Level" to "4 all".
but anyhow....

> Drag and Drop on Window
> Drag and Drop on Canvas
> Usage:
> See /home/jrsv/Documents/Pd/externals/dnd-plugin/dnd-plugin-help.pd

...this looks good.
unfortunately the plugin tries to load the binary after printing out
that information, so if anything goes wrong while loading the binary,
you will still see this message.
that probably should be fixed.

> and my pd window says this: (only thing relevant -and normal
> about the plugin)

would you mind pasting the *entire* Pd-console.
it's hard to tell whether your filter for "only relevant" matches mine :-)

to reduce the noise in the output make sure to only open the
/home/jrsv/Documents/Pd/externals/dnd-plugin/dnd-plugin-help.pd (and no
other patches).

than drag something onto the patch and tell use what you get - in the
patch, the Pd-console and the terminal.


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