[PD] including bpm info to midi-recording

Jakob Laue jakkesprinter at web.de
Fri Apr 3 21:32:39 CEST 2020

ah okay, sorry I did not know that. When I search for mrpeach in deken, I get mrpeach-v0-0-extended. Okay, well thanks for clarifying, then I will try that out.

Best, Jakob

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Betreff: Re: [PD] including bpm info to midi-recording
On 4/3/20 8:30 PM, Jakob wrote:
> Hey Martin,
> Thanks for your message.
> I looked for mrpeach in deken, but the only result I get is mrpeach for extended ( i am on mac os). Does that mean that I cannot use it?

there's no such thing as "for extended" on deken.
there are many uploads that have a version numer "v0.0.extended" which
means that this is the same version as was used in the last Pd-extended

if the external shows up in the deken search results, there's usually no
reason to assume that it won't work, regardless of version.
(although, if you only get a "v0.0.extended" version you can assume that
- (the library is bug-free)
- the library is unmaintained
- the library author doesn't bother with new fangled things like deken


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